Vegan News

Top News Stories of the Week (via @Vegan on Twitter):

  1. The CEO of the Humane Society of the United States tries his first piece of (vegan) cultured meat, and explains why it’s such a big deal. Link.
  2. Quartz on the latest progress in cultured meat. Link.
  3. Great coverage by The Village Voice on agribusiness’ efforts to exempt itself from Freedom of Information Act requests. Link.
  4. Founder of Pure Food & Wine, one of NYC’s most celebrated vegan establishments, arrested for fraud & larceny. Link.
  5. Slaughterhouse-free gelatin is coming. Link.
  6. Tylenol not only cuts pain and swelling, it may also reduce empathy. That would explain a great deal. Link.
  7. Every vegan should read this article on bone health. We don’t get a free pass just because we’re vegan. Link.
  8. CTV News on the growing array of vegan indulgences. Link.
  9. Why eggs from backyard hens still aren’t cruelty-free. Link.
  10. Meat inspector convicted of falsifying documents for E. coli contaminated beef. Link.
  11. A nice response to the haters from Meat Free Athlete. Millions of animals have avoided the agribusiness buzzsaw all because of vegan meats. Link.
  12. The meat industry goes after Consumer Reports. Link.
  13. Important New York Times article on the widespread neglect of cats and dogs in supposedly good homes. Link.
  14. You really need to give jackfruit a try. Link.

Tweet of the week: “In a world that kills 55+ billion animals a year, that means if you can move the needle just a tiny amount, you can save millions of animals.”