Documentaries of the Food Industry

An Animated Short story About the Dairy Industry

This 3D animation shows the truth behind the standard practices of the dairy industry.

Watch the Earthlings Documentary

WARNING: Graphic Footage.

The Faces of “Free-Range” Farming

WARNING: Graphic Footage.

Animal Abolition & Ethical Consumption

Abby Martin talks to self-proclaimed animal abolitionist and Rutgers University Professor, Gary Francione, about the need rethink treatment of animals, discussing everything from factory farming to the ethics of eating meat.

The Humane Society

  1. Chimps Left to Die in Liberia
  2. Rooney and Kate Mara Visit Abandoned Chimpanzees in Liberia
  3. Chimps: A New Life, Retirement
  4. Cats, Dogs and More Rescued From Filth in North Carolina
  5. Dogs and cats living in filth, feeding off deer carcasses

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