People have long enjoyed Betty Crocker Bac-Os bits and McCormick’s Bacon Pieces Bacon Flavoured Bits without noticing that these products are animal-free.
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If bacon goes with just about anything, so, it seems, it can be made from just about anything. Leinana Two Moons’ just-released Baconish (Vegan Heritage Press) is a comprehensive guide.

Smoked coconut:

Coconut strips are about the right size and shape, and the way they brown is similar. Texturally, it comes out a lot more like bacon. But at the end of the day, there is that coconutty aftertaste.
Leinana makes the point that what we enjoy about bacon is not that it takes the life of a pig, but the way it contributes to the flavour and texture of a dish. “I want the word ‘bacon’ to mean those flavours, not something that comes from an animal,”

Coconut bacon has the buzz right now, bringing the advantage of natural fat that sizzles into a crispy strip and having a persistent coconut flavour. That’s one reason it’s important to keep context in mind.

Coconut bacon has a better texture on colder things

Tempeh, Tofu or Seitan

For dishes where bacon is cooked, like quiche or shells, I recommend either seitan or tempeh or tofu


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