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Turmeric repairs damaged liver tissue. Turmeric, also known as Circuma longa, belongs to the family of ginger called Zingaberaceae. It has long been used and cultivated throughout India and South-east Asia.  It is valuable for the digestive system and overall health of the liver. It reduces gas, bloating and improves digestion.

Turmeric is recommended for digestive weakness and congestion.  Winter or spring is the best time to consume foods and herbs which strengthen liver, because it is the time of the year which rules gallbladder and liver according to Chinese Medicine. Turmeric shrinks the engorged hepatic ducts and treats liver ailments like cirrhosis, hepatitis and jaundice. In encourages production of bile and stimulates excretion through gallbladder. It can naturally cleanse liver and encourage healthy living. (Also anti-inflammatory)


Ginger is grown in tropical and subtropical regions.  Ginger and chicory, according to recent studies, proved to have liver protective properties. It improved liver damage and also restored the composition of blood to normal. Ginger provides protection against liver fibrosis. Ginger is known to increase the levels of antioxidant enzymes that are used by liver. It is used in treating liver fibrosis too.

Schistosomiasis is a parasite that has the ability to damage liver and intestines. Ginger and ginger extracts help in getting rid of this parasite. Ginger also provides protection against the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This condition is cured when oxidative stress on the liver is reduced and when insulin resistance is reduced, and fortunately ginger does it all. Ginger should be included in liver cleansing diet to achieve a healthy liver and healthy life.


When you look beyond its weird shape, Artichoke is the healthiest food which is delicious and potential helper in dealing with liver related ailments. The Artichoke is a fibrous and green veggie which contains cynarin. Cynarin is nothing but a phenolic acid compound responsible for its properties of choleretic and cholagogue. Choleretic is a substance that improves the production of bile in the liver and Cholagogue is a medicinal agent which stimulates the discharge of bile from the system by purging it downwards. Thus, this can cleanse the liver naturally.


Herbs for healthy weight


This helps you to avoid munching on other food items at odd hours. The herb is also known as an enhancer of the metabolism rate and controller of sugar level in a human body.


Ginger is known as a natural body cleanser. Its consumption filters human kidneys by flushing out logged food in the digestive track. This prevents accumulation of fat in the human body and reduces the chances of gaining weight.


This spice is known as a natural metabolism booster. By doing so, it encourages your body to burn fat easily.


This yellowish orange herb has innumerable calorie burning properties. It assists in reducing the creation and development of fat tissues, and this lowers the body’s total fat and reduces chances of gaining weight.

Acai Berry

If the extracts of acai berry are something difficult to get hold of, you can opt to consume the powdered form of the herb. Acai berry helps prevent the development of fat in a human body and comprise of high amounts of energizing antioxidants that encourage humans to work out more so that they can burn more than expected calories every day.

Nettle Leaf

This leaf comprises of antioxidants like Vitamin A and Vitamin C in high amounts. These nutrients help in purifying the blood and prevent fat build-up.


This herb comprises of diuretic properties also stimulates the nervous system to help you avoid eating and overeating when you are stressed or under depression.

Cayenne Pepper

This vegetable comprises of capsaicin, a compound that suppresses hunger cravings and burns fat. According to nutritionists, Cayenne pepper aids in increasing a body’s metabolism which, in turn, helps the body to burn calories.


Cumin seeds are known to improve the digestion process in a human body. By flushing out toxic substances from your body, cumin seeds encourage nutrients like vitamins, proteins, minerals, and calcium to strengthen your immunity system so that you can work well to burn your calories.


Ginseng helps in speeding up the metabolism rate in a human body. This step prevents development and accumulation of fat in the body.

Black Pepper

This spice comprises of piperine, a compound that aids in boosting the metabolism rate of a body. Additionally, black pepper also assists in improving the digestion process in a human body, and this helps to burn calories at a faster rate.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds help you to feel full. You can have them before every meal so that you consume a little less food than what you normally have. This step will help you to lose weight easily.


Dandelions are flower heads that take care of your digestion process by keeping their pace in control. Their consumption will make you feel full for a very long time, and this keeps you from munching on junk food. Dandelions also contain a high nutritional value that helps a body to remain fit.

Guar Gum

Guar Gum helps in curing diabetes by controlling the sugar or glucose content in your body.


Mustard helps in speeding up a body’s metabolism rate.


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